Talha Abbas

Hospice - Empowering The Health Care System



Duration: Four month

Technologies Used: Phython Django Framework, Rest API Framework, Html, CSS, & Javascrip

  • Hospice is online doctor appontment system
  • Developed doctor and pateint apponitment system
  • Work on live chat system between all usres
  • Add pharmacy & medical dashboard
  • And integratge all the modluls with each other for patient facility

Hospice.com is Pakistan’s best digital healthcare platform that aims to transform the local healthcare market. It connects patients with the right doctors and enables the doctors to enhance their medical practices via their practice management software. Patients can use Hospice (web or mobile application) for the online doctor appointment, e-consultation, online medicines and online lab tests. Moreover, the doctors can manage their appointments, automate their scheduling, manage medical records, and process billing.